5 ways to remember your pet, using their ashes.

5 ways to remember your pet, using their ashes.

It’s hard to lose a pet. You feel like part of your soul is gone, and in a way, it is. Pets sneak their way into our hearts with their adorable faces and loving cuddles, so it stands to reason that you want their memory preserved both in your heart and in your home. Here are seven creative ways to memorialize your pet using their ashes.

1. Diamonds Are Forever

Pet lovers will agree that no price is too high when it comes to their fur baby. LifeGem uses your pet’s ashes to create a splendid diamond (yes, a real diamond!), but that’s not all. They also offer a full range of cremation jewelry to set your precious gemstone in to wear in your pet’s memory. It may be expensive, but this way you can carry them with you wherever you go.

2. The Ash Tree

From the ashes of death comes life. Your pet may be gone, but he or she can grow into a beautiful tree with the help of the Bios Urn. A fully biodegradable pot containing a seed is placed on top of your pet’s ashes. While the pot degrades, the ashes help fertilize the soil to help the tree grow. Your pet is giving new life even after they’ve passed.

3. The Final Frontier

Celestis, Inc., has provided those who are grieving an opportunity to memorialize their loved ones with a space trip. Your pet could very well reach galaxies and constellations that you could only dream of going to. A flight capsule containing your pet’s ashes can be sent into orbit or launched clear into deep space.

4. Enjoy The Classics

Vinyl record fans will love this option. Much like LifeGem, AndVinyly uses your pet’s ashes to create something authentic and unique – a compilation of your favorite music. Set the needle and listen to a few tracks of nostalgic songs that remind you of your furry friend. You can also record their meows and barks for a real life soundtrack. Just listening will make you feel all warm inside. 5. Keep Them Close To Your Heart and Home Meadowlawn Funeral Home has been dedicated to providing the very best in cremation services since 1991. We have Several options are available for memorializing your furry loved one:

Ashes To Pendants – Your pet will stick close to your heart when you’re wearing a pendant containing their ashes. Not only is the pendant beautiful, but it’s incredibly meaningful as well.

All Together Urns– Meadowlawn sells larger urns to hold multiple sets of ashes, so pet owners with several pets over their lifetime don’t have to buy a separate urn each time. There’s no need for urns to take up an entire shelf; put them all together to save space on your mantelpiece.

In The Garden – With Meadowlawn’s garden rock urns, you’ll think of your pet every time you go out to trim, weed or plant. Garden rock urns can be set by themselves or placed in a stone foundation.

We have a variety of these 3 urns at our location in San Antonio, come check us and and see which option is best for you.

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