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Mary Stith Hamlin

“Hearing from a family that we have made a difference in their lives by the advice we gave or the experience they had – sometimes many years down the road – it’s what fills my heart the most. Making sure our families can reclaim some sense of control in a very emotional situation where control has been taken from them is so important… we empower them with that feeling to help start the healing process. Our driving purpose is to make sure we all treat a family the way we’d like to be treated…and more.”

Robert Hamlin

Many ask me how I can answer the phone in the middle of the night and go right then to a family’s side. It’s because I know from experience what it feels like to not have my needs met…and for that person on the other end of the phone this is likely the worst feeling in their life. Every family grieves in a different and necessary way – it’s their own path to healing from the loss. I see my role as providing the best experience and outcome possible for our families and making sure each need is met.”

AnnYager Hamlin McCrosky

“The death of a loved one is such a life-altering moment, and how it is handled will last with a family forever. Most members of our Stith family have had a previous funeral experience that did not meet a need in some way and we still carry that feeling with us. I think this is why our family so highly values the families that entrust us with their loved one. We see it as our responsibility to take the broken pieces of their loss and put them back together in such a way that the healing can begin….”

Brian Ruth

“Brian Ruth has worked at Stith Funeral Home since 2016. As a Funeral Director, he assists with the arrangement process for families and works the funerals and visitations. Being a family man himself, Brian appreciates Stith going the extra mile to ensure families can have the funeral they want for their loved ones. Meeting new people and having the opportunity to help them through some of their toughest times in life is the most rewarding part of his job.”

Karl Luttrell

“I got to know so many people in our community from my years in the sheriff’s office, but not many know I’ve had my funeral director’s license for 50-plus years. Being able to care for these families in such a difficult time is very important to me, and I guarantee that no funeral home family goes out of their way as much and genuinely cares as much for our extended family of clients as Stith. It’s why I’m here.”

Ann Cassada

“For me, there is no more caring place to work than here. In a small community a feeling of closeness, trust and family – of being there for each other when a loved one passes – is such an important part of the healing process. My role here is an important ministry for me. I pray for our families and I do all I can to let them know I’m here to help in any way I can. There is strength in family – that’s what Stith is.”

Sarah Hamlin Kuchenbrod

Stu Spalink

Lana Peach

Crystal Wilhite

Rick Stewart

Mary Conley

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