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For our family, this isn’t just a business: It is truly what we love.

“Take care of your community and your community will take care of you.”Jack B. Stith, Family Motto.

We love being part of our community by supporting local organizations from the Great American Brass Band Festival to Heritage Hospice and everything in-between. The money we donate stays in the local community, and our desire to give back is a long-rooted family tradition going back to the days of Jack A. Stith, the original founder of Stith Funeral Homes. Jack A. Stith  believed in community citizenship and served on every board in town. Jack B. Stith followed his father’s example, even helping to start Danville’s Community Chest now the United Way program.

We like to believe that Danville is the center of the universe, and that this little town follows you everywhere you go.

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